Why do we suddenly forget all the words we know? What happens to make us so forgetful? Is it the phase of the moon, barometric pressure, what we eat or don’t eat, or what day of the week it is? It always puzzles me…I KNOW my lines. But, I still get brain farts! I’ll be going along and out of nowhere – NOTHING. BLANK SPACE … Continue reading Rehearsals


Ours were primed. We’ve been watching the commercials for weeks. And talking about it. So, when I got off work & Steve suggested it, I jumped on the idea! Even with my head feeling tight like a cabbage, the thought of ramped-up spices, slathered heavily over meat made me hungry. And, I knew it would Help Me Breathe. So, off we go. First stop – … Continue reading Tastebuds


Rolls of paper towels suddenly spring to life doing the jitterbug in my head. Yeah. That’s what happened. I was trying to relax, clear my brain, doing my mental releasing of toxins, stress, & worries – trying to have them move smoothly from the top of my head, across my shoulders, down my arms and legs, to flow easily out of my fingers and toes. … Continue reading Unwinding