Express Yourself!

I saw this bus on my way to work the other day. Seeing it made me Feel Good. It made me Smile. And, it Motivated & Inspired me.

I love being able to express myself – through words, drawings, paintings, acting….to name a few. I am blessed with a bit of talent that I try to spread around to all the things that interest me. Sometimes, I’m in overdrive, my head is filled with all kinds of crazy stuff & other times, my muse is silent.

When I have nothing to Act On – I use my clothes, accessories to Express Myself 🙂

After I read the little signs on the bus, I was even happier. It was Painted by Kids!! THATS AWESOME!!!

I was encouraged at an early age to Express Myself. I was lucky. Many are not. But, I’m glad to see the schools here are encouraging young people in the arts. Having that artistic freedom will give them such a Positiveness to their lives & hopefully Inspire & Motivate them to Do What Makes Them Happy….& Learn to Express Themselves in a Good Way…to Inspire More People along the way.

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