We all have them. Oh, c’mon. Admit it – you have boogers, too. What’s the big deal?
How many will admit they pick their boogers? Babies do it, kids do it, educated adults do it – even the Queen.
Boogers are as natural a part of each one of us as our nose. Why are they such a taboo subject? Why are we embarrassed to have them?
From the time we are first aware of something in our nose, we use our fingers to remove it. It’s a natural reaction. As kids, we’d pick our nose. Boys I grew up with took it a step further – they’d pick, then flick. Ooh gross!
I’m not saying I don’t try to hide my boogers in public. Of course I do. It’s what I was taught: ‘Don’t Pick Your Nose’. Why not? I don’t know – I never asked. Doesn’t mean I don’t pick my nose. Sometimes, it’s the only way to loosen it, so you can blow it all out into a nice, soft tissue.
I don’t believe in wiping our boogers – or our nose – on our sleeves. And, of course, I told my kids ‘Don’t Do That’. ‘Don’t Pick Your Nose’. Repeating, word-for-word, what I’d been told.
So, how many years has this lore been passed down? Did the cave men & women in our past NOT pick their noses? Who cares?!?
Did you know you can purchase a ‘Booger Picker’ online? (You can find just about Everything online!) And…if you Google Booger Pickers…there are even Self Proclaimed ‘Professional’ booger pickers.

I saw a nice looking, nicely groomed young man pick his nose, in the privacy of his car, at a traffic light the other day. When he realized I saw him, his face turned red. I felt bad for him. I didn’t want him to feel embarrassed. I didn’t see him pick on purpose. It just happened.

We also call people a ‘booger’. Like…Oh, you’re a cute little booger. That sounds fun. Not offending at all.

The thing is, we shouldn’t feel that way.


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