The Power of The Pinkie

The Power of the Pinkie Finger – My Mom taught me years ago that my pinkie finger – and sometimes my index finger – have enormous power. don’t laugh – they do! when you are driving down the road (or up the

road, depends where you are) ~ anyway – you are driving – and out of the corner of your eye, you notice a car approaching a stop sign to your right (or your left). They stop – but it’s not a Real Stop ya know. they kinda hover there – watching – thinking ‘wonder if I can make it if I go now?’ well – I KNOW they are thinking that! admit it – you do too. That is when the POWER of the FINGER is needed. you nonchalantly raise your pinkie up and point at them. If you are approaching an intersection – it’s ok to point Both the index AND the pinkie fingers – so you cover all the bases. Anyway – it always has worked for me once she showed me what to do. It always worked for her. Well, I’ll tell ya something – when you live and drive in a community of ALL 55+ people – your fingers kind of lose their power! It’s so sad these people have absolutely No Idea the Power in my fingers! It is just Wrong! It works in Summerlin – for the most part – coz there are people there UNDER 55, but man – once I am back in Sun City, my fingers are just helpless against the seniors. I don’t know if they have a force field around their cars and bikes or what – BUT I DO know it works on golf carts so I guess All is NOT a loss. The Power of the Finger lives on! It just needs re-charged. Or maybe – the folks here need to be INFORMED. LOL


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