We all have them. Oh, c’mon. Admit it – you have boogers, too. What’s the big deal? How many will admit they pick their boogers? Babies do it, kids do it, educated adults do it – even the Queen. Boogers are as natural a part of each one of us as our nose. Why are they such a taboo subject? Why are we embarrassed to … Continue reading Boogers!

Let’s Hug!

I’m A HUGGER & PROUD OF IT! I love hugs. Even troll hugs…who doesn’t? A good hug can fill me with joy, comfort, love…take your pick. You don’t need a reason or money to want – or give one. I give & get hugs from friends, Steve, my kids & grandkids, our cats & even strangers. Well, not REAL strangers…but sometimes, I meet people and … Continue reading Let’s Hug!


I wrote this in 2014…. I feel compelled to write today – about Change. that big bad word. Change. It is inevitable. It happens every second of every day. from sun up to sun up. each day, each moment of our lives involves change. Why? well, because if things always stay exactly the same – how boring would that be? Every breath we take involves … Continue reading CHANGE


Why do we suddenly forget all the words we know? What happens to make us so forgetful? Is it the phase of the moon, barometric pressure, what we eat or don’t eat, or what day of the week it is? It always puzzles me…I KNOW my lines. But, I still get brain farts! I’ll be going along and out of nowhere – NOTHING. BLANK SPACE … Continue reading Rehearsals


Ours were primed. We’ve been watching the commercials for weeks. And talking about it. So, when I got off work & Steve suggested it, I jumped on the idea! Even with my head feeling tight like a cabbage, the thought of ramped-up spices, slathered heavily over meat made me hungry. And, I knew it would Help Me Breathe. So, off we go. First stop – … Continue reading Tastebuds